FOR GRANTED happened the first weekend of the lockdown, (almost) all in 24 hours between four walls. What started as a distraction from both the noise and haze and the buzzing silence on a Saturday night, ended with eight tracks on Sunday night. Then the rush was over. That was it. 

People have many sides that come to show so now and then, and this side project is a result of one of mine. It reflects my love for the piano, that is an important pillar if not the very foundation of my love for music. It also breathes the fascination for the fickleness of life, the beauty of simplicity and the elasticity of people. 


There is nothing more beautiful to my eyes than amazement. I love being surprised by whatever aspect of life, by my friends and loved ones, by myself. This record came as a surprise but it did not appear out of nowhere. The idea slumbered somewhere, biding its time, and its time is now. 


FOR GRANTED is an ode to embracing the unexpected. To capturing the moment. To letting happen without judgement. But most of all, to resilience.

It is dedicated to my gran, who inspired the only track that wasn't written completely from scratch in those 24 hours, and who carries resilience with grace as no other.