LIJO captures adventurous, literate songwriting in eccentric pop songs that are compelling in their reluctance to obey any rules but her own.


The balance between revealing your true self or living up to an image fascinates LIJO and inspires her music. Taking risks, making your own choices, questioning what is accepted and trying to change what’s to be considered normal is everything she stands for. She is constantly exploring her own boundaries in order to cross them. This leads to a journey that can be dark, cynical and sometimes emotional, as well as playful and lighthearted.


Her untamable curiosity and urge to keep renewing herself are reflected in a live performance that’s always in motion. LIJO plays with beats and loops in her electronic set, but her songs are just as convincing stripped down to the naked core with only a piano and her characteristic vocals.


After spending a year working on her music in Berlin with singer, writer and producer Bled White, the first two-part ‘My Inner Parts’ was out in Spring 2019 and supported by a spring tour in the UK. This summer LIJO travelled to Scandinavia as she was invited to play the Gothenburg Culture Festival.


The follow-up two-part is due out fall 2019 and supported by a European tour.