Being a restless creative butterfly and a multi-instrumentalist, Merit Visser a.k.a LIJO and her music have proven to be difficult to put in a box - and as being labeled is what bothers her the most, she rather refers to her work simply as ‘songs and such’.

Having been the driving force behind cinematic four-piece Ilen Mer and exploring the confines of solo piano work under the moniker AMIMEA, Visser is a songwriter first and foremost; though her music is always in motion, she never loses sight of her signature innovative melodies and her literate, colourful approach to lyrics.

Putting out music ranging from gnarling synth-pop tracks to naked close to a capella songs, she seems to have made her peace with the idea that her songs reflect a temporary state of an ever evolving artist.

Pic: lisanne lentink

With her most recent release Bee Suits, LIJO explores the themes of identity and validation in a song that shifts from sounding eerie and held back to lighthearted and open. Capturing these reoccurring topics in a track more poppy than she has released so far, LIJO shows once more how her music is genre fluid.

From 2019 on, LIJO has toured the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, England and Sweden. LIJO’s previous releases have been spinned (inter)nationally by the likes of Kink Radio, 3voor12, Pinguin Radio and WNRI, and shared by blogs like American Pancake (USA), When The Horn Blows (UK), Lluid (NL), Homecooking Share (FR), Tinnitus (CAN) and We Love That Sound (DE).