LIJO's full length debut album, pressed on eco friendly vinyl, and the very first edition of lyric & art zine 'The Record' containing off the record poetry, figments, thoughts and analogue photography behind the songlyrics of The Pleasures Of Self Deception.

For years, Merit Visser a.k.a. LIJO had kept journals in which she scrabbled notes, observations and drawings that more often than not resulted in song lyrics. For a while now, she has collected an online selection of those notes on a secret webpage only accessible for her subscribers. But as her debut album revolves around image, perception and projection, she longed to add something analogue and tangible, showing something very personal and real - and decided to start printing zines to go with her music. 
'The Record - one' is the first edition of this zine.  


'The Record' started as a secret page on LIJO's website, serving as a digital version of her off the record, handwritten journals, that hold many origins to her songs as well as thoughts, poetry, drawings and scraps leading up to those songs. This has grown out to the very first physical edition of the zine 'The Record' which accompanies her album 'The Pleasures Of Self Deception'. 

LIJO about Zine 'The Record'


"During the entire process of creating 'The Pleasures Of Self Deception' there has been one stable factor, and that is the fact that I have always written. I keep journals since I was sixteen, as a kid I wanted to become a writer when I'd grow up, and the lyrics of songs have always been my first love. There are many 'off the record' poems, figments of thoughts, little sketches and analogue photos that sketch a more in-depth picture of the journey towards 'The Pleasures Of Self Deception' and of the actual person behind the artist LIJO. A selection of these 'off the record' fragments is collected in a printed zine called 'The Record'. While the album is all about living up to images and the consequences of that, and the visuals are an exaggeration of that concept, with the zine I want to show what's going on inside and offline, something real and something tangible."