LIJO ยท Dog Eyes


“I shouldn't have you.”

LIJO returns with second single DOG EYES and discloses a very human side in an alien track


Indie artpop artist LIJO releases her second single DOG EYES, a catchy, honest track about the fear of being vulnerable, due out on November 26 through Revanche Records.

Is it really better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? After showing both depth and groove in her previous single FUTURE MEMORY, LIJO manages again to combine serious topics with catchiness and danceability and captures pure human feelings in a quirky, yet poppy song.


DOG EYES addresses the inner shows we perform for ourselves; the little lies we comfort ourselves with, while deep down we know better. After FUTURE MEMORY, the release of DOG EYES proves that LIJO’s new, icy direction wasn’t a lucky shot - and there’s more to come. Her fascination for the endless weirdness of human behaviour on both a small and a big scale will continue to be mirrored in more of her work over the course of the following months.


In LIJO’s eyes, everything seems like a show: on a small scale, we all are the main characters of our own little stages, and on a bigger one we act like we are the main character in this world. She addresses the serious topics that result from this behaviour with both icy cynicism and lighthearted honesty, a combination that makes her music alien and familiar at the same time.

“I lost my youth to a bitter soul
I lost my manners to birth control
I lost my temper to being told
I lost my hopes to building walls
Oh, I fear my hands are empty
Every time I look, every time I look”



Artpop artist LIJO doesn’t make superficial music, but creates songs that get people thinking as well as dancing and singing along.

Being from a small village, LIJO grew up to be a self-taught pianist and songwriter with little knowledge of popmusic, which laid the foundation for her quirky sense of melody and lyrics and her genre-bending writing style. Having been the driving force behind cinematic folkpop band ILEN MER, launching her solo project under the moniker LIJO marked the start of her exploration of electronic elements in her music. Opening her ears to artists like St Vincent and Roísin Murphy as well as Depeche Mode and Kate Bush, her music, still hard to put in a box, was soon labeled AVANT POP or ARTPOP.

After her Debut EP 'PARTS' she traveled to England, Germany, Poland and Sweden to play shows. 
Her untameable curiosity and urge to keep renewing herself are reflected in a live performance that’s always in motion. LIJO plays with synths, beats and loops in her electronic set and is intrigued by working with guest musicians, which resulted in a collaboration with electronic cellist Mirthe de Jonge, though her songs are just as convincing stripped down to the naked core with only a piano and her characteristic vocals.