Devils In Details is indie artpop artist LIJO’s resistance to the idea you always have to give more.

That ‘being someone’ is always in the future.

That someone else’s perception of you matters the most.


LIJO explains: “I wrote this song as an outlet for my struggle with what success in life means to me. We can strive for something better, we can try hard to fit in, to make it, but in that process I think many of us follow paths that are carved out by society’s expectations or the pressure we put on ourselves. We run and run without realising what success means for us personally and if we are chasing what we really need, and often lose ourselves.”


After the groovy songs like ‘Future Memory’ and ‘Bee Suits’ and the hauntingly minimalistic ‘Spell’, Devils In Details shows a transformation from cold, machine-like sounds towards a warmer and more dramatic soundscape, and this transformation comes with a revelation: more of this will appear on the upcoming debut album, due out October 27th, 2023. LIJO: “I’m fascinated by the correlation with image and ego and the inner shows we perform for ourselves. What we show is often not what we are and what we say is often not what we mean. This has huge consequences for our personal lives as well as for the world we live in. I wrote an album that mainly revolves around this theme.”


DEVILS IN DETAILS gives us a little glimpse of what to expect of LIJO: groovy beats, lush melodies and literate songwriting.


LIJO’s previous releases have been spinned (inter)nationally by the likes of Kink Radio, 3voor12, Pinguin Radio and WNRI, and shared by blogs like American Pancake (USA), When The Horn Blows (UK), Lluid (NL), Homecooking Share (FR), Tinnitus (CAN) and We Love That Sound (DE). Her latest single ‘Bee Suits’ was added to Spotify’s editorial playlist ‘karakter.’, the Dutch playlist for edgy music.





Artpop artist LIJO doesn’t make superficial music, but creates songs that get people thinking as well as dancing and singing along.

Being from a small village, LIJO grew up to be a self-taught pianist and songwriter with little knowledge of popmusic, which laid the foundation for her quirky sense of melody and lyrics and her genre-bending writing style. Having been the driving force behind cinematic folkpop band ILEN MER, launching her solo project under the moniker LIJO marked the start of her exploration of electronic elements in her music. Opening her ears to artists like St Vincent and Roísin Murphy as well as Depeche Mode and Kate Bush, her music, still hard to put in a box, was soon labeled AVANT POP or ARTPOP.

After her Debut EP 'PARTS' she traveled to England, Germany, Poland and Sweden to play shows. 
Her untameable curiosity and urge to keep renewing herself are reflected in a live performance that’s always in motion. LIJO plays with synths, beats and loops in her electronic set and is intrigued by working with guest musicians, which resulted in a collaboration with electronic cellist Mirthe de Jonge, though her songs are just as convincing stripped down to the naked core with only a piano and her characteristic vocals.