The Pleasures Of Self Deception + lyric zine 'The Record'


LIJO's full length debut album, pressed on eco friendly vinyl, and the very first edition of lyric & art zine 'The Record' containing off the record poetry, figments, thoughts and analogue photography behind the songlyrics of The Pleasures Of Self Deception.

For years, Merit Visser a.k.a. LIJO had kept journals in which she scrabbled notes, observations and drawings that more often than not resulted in song lyrics. For a while now, she has collected an online selection of those notes on a secret webpage only accessible for her subscribers. But as her debut album revolves around image, perception and projection, she longed to add something analogue and tangible, showing something very personal and real - and decided to start printing zines to go with her music. 
'The Record - one' is the first edition of this zine.