The pleasures of stories

Humans are hungry for stories. Evidence is everywhere. reality shows. movies. gossips. books, if the longing for stories gets more passionate. 
And then, humans don't care about stories at all. Humans are far too busy with themselves to bother to listen. Another's stories are nothing more than a pleasant interruption to a human's own ever worrying mind. Nothing more than an entertaining or relieving break. 

Humans only swallow stories they are fed; they rarely cook, let alone look for ingredients. What do they know about the old man in the park, while every line across his face is a storyline? The young man on the train drawing landscapes, the girl drawing faces? The lady with that huge dog that she walks for miles and miles? Their story won't be worth the time, probably, since they are not on TV. 

If every story represented a star in the sky, there wouldn't be dark space left. There would be no night. And humans would not sleep. 


June 17, 2009, 23:16