“After me the flood.”

Taking a step back from the quirky lightheartedness that shimmered through the ‘PARTS’ EP, THE PLEASURES OF SELF DECEPTION sets an icy scene for LIJO to casually dance from cynical indifference to gnawing doubt and from distant observance to the longing for connection.

The record sketches a colder portrayal of LIJO, but is even more compelling as it underlines her creative wit and the non-conformism that has always characterized her music.
Musically, the records leans on groove and innovative melodies as well as droning elements, a combination that makes it both danceable and hypnotizing. Connecting her innate love for the warm sound of acoustic instruments and her fascination for the cold
directness of electronic drums and synths, THE PLEASURES shows LIJO’s broadest picture and deepest soundscape so far.

From the catchy melodies of ‘BEE SUITS' to the feverish trance of ‘LETTING GO’, THE PLEASURES OF SELF DECEPTION is a record in which LIJO never loses sight of the literate songwriting that is one of her most powerful trademarks. She has a critical eye to worldly issues around her, as captured in the chilly and haunting refrain of FUTURE MEMORY: “I’m a future memory, speaking with my mouth full - everybody’s in it, everybody’s winning” and at the same time doesn’t avoid addressing her personal fears and weaknesses, as showed by the intimate song 'SPELL', which is the only obvious love song on the record.
It makes her full length debut bold and compelling.



“Inside I cry like a wolf to the moon
But in these lights, I’m blind and mute
I’m scared, what’s everybody doing?
I want out”


“I bite my tongue and I walk a tightrope high above the city
I look down and the people buy flowers and drinks
I look down and the people wear bee suits and sting
I look down and the people in corners are fading
I look down and the people look down
No one ever looks up”


“I’m a future memory
Speaking with my mouth full
Everybody’s in it
Everybody’s winning”



“There’s a big wave coming for us, in the distance I can see it 
Just keep driving, we’ll outrun it,
our system knows a shortcut, baby.”